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The QUIK-JOINT coupling has been a valuable component for the many types of air pollution control equipment for over 50 years. Specifically, QUIK-JOINT couplings are employed in the design, erection, and/or refurbishing of air pollution containment equipment using pulse jet technology in cleaning the filter bags in the baghouse section. The design of the thru-wall bulkhead coupling may appear to be similar to the competition, but that is where the similarity ends. Guardian’s all steel bulkhead and standard coupling is individually machined and assembled assuring every coupling is top quality and ready to install. The 100% solid steel design outlasts anything else on the market. The options of longer than standard assembled lengths and stainless steel construction solve those environmental application nightmares.

Save time and money with the QUIK-JOINT steel pipe compression coupling.

  • Standard Nitrile Gasket with Zinc Plated Retainer Ring
  • Standard Lengths in Stock
  • 100% Steel Bulkhead Quick-Joint Coupling

Product Features

  • QUIK-JOINT pipe couplings connect to existing pipe without the need for threading or welding.
  • Join misaligned pipe. QUIK-JOINT allows for 5 to 7 degrees angular misalignment on each end nut for faster, lower cost installation of piping systems.
  • Absorbs vibrations. Elastomer gaskets reduce pipe vibration, noise and shock.
  • Shorten installation time and lost parts. Replaces threaded unions requiring close tolerance and bolted style compression joints. Install and adjust QUIK-JOINT by hand, tighten with a pipe wrench.
  • Half Couplings are available for weld joints. Ideal for welding to tanks, reservoirs, or air headers.
  • Compression nuts are available in plain steel, bright zinc, or stainless steel.
  • Bodies are available in plain steel pipe, bright zinc finish or stainless steel.
  • Custom body materials available upon request.
  • Bodies are machined to customer length requirement providing a wider design tolerance for assembly.
  • Standard body is schedule 40 carbon steel pipe, two sizes larger than customer’s pipe, providing 10-14 degrees of total angular misalignment. When ordering, simply specify your pipe size.
  • Standard Lengths in Stock.
  • Components always available for same day shipping. Standard and special length coupling bodies in stock, too!
  • Available Lengths to 20 Feet.
  • QUIK-JOINT end nut, retainer and gasket will stay with the pipe coupling during disassembly from the user's pipe.
  • Ready for welding.
  • No straps or restraining brackets needed.
  • Special "T" Handle End Nut Option


  • Air Header or Baghouse Pipe Connection
  • Distribution Header
  • Hydraulic Tank Applications
  • Bulkhead coupling is designed for thru-wall applications eliminating welding altogether.
  • Connects air system from air header and air pulse valve to the "Blow Down" piping section of the dust collector.
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