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A general use coupling that is best suited for applications with a large degree of misalignment up to 50 HP. The Gear Grip Coupling is a three-piece highly flexible design which includes two hubs and a flexible sleeve. Guardian offers three different sleeve materials including neoprene, urethane, and reinforced neoprene. Depending on the series, the hubs are typically offered in zinc or sintered steel.

Product Features

  • ALIGNMENT - By-eye alignment eliminates precise measurement. This allows for a reduced assembly time and requires no special installation tools. Ideally, drive shafts should be aligned to minimize vibration and wear on the coupling and bearings. If excessive misalignment is unavoidable, the Gear Grip offers up to .090” parallel misalignment and 7.5 degrees of angular misalignment.
  • TORSIONAL DAMPENING - Neoprene and urethane rubber sleeve compounds provide excellent torsional vibration dampening. The load is distributed evenly over a wide splined contact area. This minimizes rubber deformation and wear while providing minimum backlash and wind-up. The Gear Grip coupling handles the shock, cycling loads, and vibration that produce extreme wear in other style of couplings.
  • IN-SHEAR DESIGN - The in-shear design allows the coupling to act as a mechanical fuse in the event of an overload condition. This feature can provide protection to the expensive drive system. If the coupling were to fail, only the coupling sleeve would need to be replaced.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - The coupling length can be adjusted to meet the application requirements. This is obtained by using a longer sleeve. Please note, the torque may be lower for longer sleeve lengths, and the end-user should contact Guardian for proper specification. A wooden dowel or insert may be used for longer lengths to prevent the collapse of the coupling sleeve under the loading. Increased length may decrease the torque capacity, but it will improve the misalignment allowance and dampening.
  • ENVIRONMENT - This lightweight and compact coupling is not affected by moisture, dirt, or abrasives. The non-corrosive metal ends and rubber provide a long service life that does not require lubrication or maintenance.
  • ELECTRICAL ISOLATION - No possibility of metal-to-metal contact under severe overload, wear, or coupling failure.
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