Quik-Joint FAQs

1.) If I have a 1" Schedule 40 pipe, what size Guardian QUIK-JOINT should I order?
If your pipe size is 1" then specify a Guardian 1" QUIK-JOINT.
The QUIK-JOINT size designation was designed to connect with the Standard Pipe Schedule.
Quik-Joint Illustration Standard Pipe Schedules

quik-joint connection

2.) What types of steel are available for the body of the QUIK-JOINT?

  • Plain Carbon steel (Schedule 40)
  • Zinc plated (Schedule 40)
  • Type 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Custom materials and wall thickness available upon request (Schedule 80 or 160)

3.) What types of steel are available for the compression end nuts?

  • Plain Carbon steel (Schedule 40)
  • Zinc plated (Schedule 40)
  • Type 304 stainless steel

4.) What types of gasket material are available?

Buna N Nitrile

5.) How do I repair damaged threads or eliminate weld splatter?

Guardian has thread chasers available for each size QUIK-JOINT.

Thread Chasers

6.) How do I calculate the length of the QUIK-JOINT?

The user's pipe should engage 1 ¼" into each end of the QUIK-JOINT assembly. Whatever the distance is you need to span, add 2 ½". Refer to the table of dimensions for the minimum length per size, but we can manufacturer a QUIK-JOINT Coupling up to 20 ft in length.

7.) Does Guardian have a thru-wall coupling design?

YES - this is known as our Bulkhead coupling, furnished to any length required. Bulkhead design eliminates the need for welding while providing an air tight connection.

Coupling Design

8.) Does Guardian have a minimum invoice?

  • Plain Carbon steel assembly - $50.00
  • Zinc plated assembly - $100.00
  • Stainless Steel assembly - $100.00
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