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Guardian Quik-Joint Pipe Couplings for Well Monitoring System

The EPA requires that the ground and ground water, around the perimeter of oil exploration sites, must be constantly monitored for volatile organic compounds generated from the extraction of oil and gas.

An engineering firm that specializes in environmental assessment, clean up and monitoring of oil and gas exploration sites needed a new pipe coupling solution for use on their systems. Their existing well head monitoring system, used for monitoring water and ground decontaminants, utilized a “hard piped” design which prevented the system from being removed and relocated. The ability to move the monitoring system to various positions around a well site in a matter of hours vs. days would improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The piping houses electrical wiring that has to be protected from the harsh elements in the often environmentally-challenging well locations. The customer’s specific need was to quickly connect and disconnect a 3" pipe to a ¾" pipe. While other coupling competitors offered compression couplings, they could not provide a reducing style at that time.

To meet the customer requirements, Guardian engineers developed a modified Quik-Joint steel compression pipe reducer coupling to connect the two different pipe sizes in a compact length. The electrostatic-coated, air and water tight Quik-Joint coupling utilizes elastomer compression gaskets, not semi-permanent hard connections such as threading or welding. The QuikJoint coupling allowed customer technicians to easily and quickly remove and reposition the monitoring system’s piping to other remote well sites.

Guardian Quik-Joint Pipe Couplings


  • Modified Quik-Joint steel compression pipe coupling
  • Connect to existing pipe without the need for threading or welding
  • 3" pipe to ¾" pipe reduction
  • Air and water tight
  • Electrostatic-coated
  • Joins misaligned pipe with up to 5-7˚ angular misalignment per end

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