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Available in 4 sizes, the Dynaline is a single piece rubber-in-shear coupling. These couplings are used in sub-fractional thru 3HP applications, with torque ratings up to 54 IN-LBS. End fittings are made from zinc die castings, and are crimped to the rubber sleeve. Bore sizes up to 3/4" (19mm). The coupling length can be varied to suit many applications.

Product Features

  • One-piece construction - No assembly, no wearing surfaces, easier installation.
  • Corrosion-resistant end fittings are crimped to a neoprene sleeve to provide a maintenance free and longer life in difficult environments.
  • Added length provides maximum angular and parallel misalignment. No need to align driver to driven components.
  • Length to customer requirements.
  • Neoprene sleeve provides a vibration free coupling which absorbs the shock of start-stop applications and peak overloads.
  • Special designs or modifications engineered for the O.E.M. application
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  • Dynaline Flexible Shaft Couplings

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Dynaline Coupling